Heat Pump

Stylish and affordable, theSummerwave Heat Pump Series will enable you to heat your pool or spa water all year round for a fraction of the cost of a conventional spa or pool heater!

Choose from Summerwave 70 for Spas, Summerwave 100 for larger Spas & Swim Spas, Summerwave 150 or Summerwave 210 for Pools.


High quality ABS shell
Tough titanium heat exchanger
Low noise level
Low energy use - high efficiency
Intelligent Control System
Ability to heat or cool water
Ozone friendly refrigerant

Energy Smart

The Summerwave Heat Pump will consume 75% less energy than a conventional heating element. Air sourced heat pumps are 50% more efficient than gas. They work like a refrigerator in reverse - air is drawn into the refrigerant, its temperature is increased by the compressor, and the heat is transferred to the pool water. The heat pump draws a low input of power – between 1.18kw and 3.28kw depending on the model chosen – and turns it into a high output of power, which is used to heat or cool the water. This makes heat pumps the most energy-efficient method of heating and maintaining heat in pool or spa water.

Easy Access

The Summerwave Heat Pump will plug into an ordinary household electricity socket, eliminating the need for an electrician. The Summerwave 70 and Summerwave 100 work off a standard 10amp plug, whilst the Summerwave 150 requires a 15 amp socket and the Summerwave 210 requires single phase wired to your fuse box. The standard 40mm pipe connections make it easy to connect to your current spa or pool plumbing.

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