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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Spa Ownership 

  1. Relief for Arthritis, body aches & stiffness.
  2. Increased blood flow.
  3. Deep tissue massage, resulting in relaxed muscles.
  4. Improved sleep.
  5. Sweating out toxins.
  6. Decreased muscle tension.
  7. Low gravity environment.
  8. Opening of bronchial and nasal passages for easier breathing.
  9. Stress relief.
  10. Decreased pain from headaches.

 Family Time: Quality time with the kids in the spa. Teenagers stay at home. Creates bonding time. Spas have similar dynamics to dining together. All family members enjoying the same activity together. Relax and enjoy down time with your spouse in the spa.

 Social Time: Toss the TV remote away and jump into the spa for some ‘after dinner’ conversation. Party at home with your friends in the spa. Stay closer to home, it’s more cost effective and fun. Chilling out with friends in the spa.

Adelaide Spas 

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